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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1335 – Sweetie badge guarded
“Young woman, what do you desire to enjoy? The favourite thing in my shop is stockings milk products tea… Not surprisingly, the pearl whole milk herbal tea here is also very good…” The manager provided with a laugh.
“Thank you, but there’s no need. I should go,” the blonde woman claimed as she went out.
Following your antelope heard that, it frowned and pondered. “Although turning someone into gold bullion isn’t an extremely potent power, it’s still quite a exceptional potential. If your being really has such an capability, it’s probably on the Mythical level or over. The potential of it staying at the Terror standard is better.”
Not surprising you can find so very few people in the roads within the capital. So that’s why.
As Sweetie went, she sensed Zhou Wen’s aura. Immediately after arriving on this planet, she initially went to Sweetie’s Hut before visiting the money.
“Of program, let us help you get a cupful of my most effective stockings milk products teas initially.” The grin around the boss’s experience deepened while he started to produce the dairy products teas.
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It had been actual rare metal that even shone having a gold lighting. It was subsequently much like a 24K real precious metal statue. It still taken care of a ferocious phrase while contacting take hold of Sweetie.
“This flavors great also!” The blonde lady presented the cup, her sight almost melting from delight.
Let Me Game in Peace

Sweetie possessed already sensed Zhou Wen’s coming and walked towards him.
“Antelope, what do you think of these kinds of great statues?” Zhou Wen read the news in regards to the glowing statues towards the antelope.
Zhou Wen came to a acknowledgement. He obtained previously found it unusual the money appeared a great deal more desolate than prior to.
He originally desired to start to see the current circumstance in Forbidden City. He needed to know if men and women obtained already explained the inside. It will be greatest if he could acquire information regarding the interior of Forbidden Community.
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Zhou Wen needed Ya’er, Chick, and the antelope to the budget. While he walked, he browsed the news on the Internet.
“Is it delightful?” the boss asked.

From afar, she saw Zhou Wen carrying Ya’er and going for walks down the street with all the antelope and parrot. Sweetie walked towards him.

Sweetie acquired only want to hang on quietly for Zhou Wen’s planned arrival, but she never estimated men and women to possess dropped to this sort of status. Every our who handled her changed into a fantastic sculpture without different.
He originally planned to see the the latest predicament in Forbidden Location. He needed to determine if people acquired already investigated the inner. It could be finest if he could obtain info on the interior of Forbidden Metropolis.
“Is it delicious?” the boss expected.
“Thank you, but there’s no will need. I will go,” the blonde female mentioned as she went out.
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Zhou Wen seriously considered it and saw that it designed feel. Even so, this acquired absolutely nothing concerning them. Their getaway was Forbidden Area and so they wouldn’t relax in the money for long. Their fortune was improbable to generally be so unlucky to experience the beast that can convert individuals into gold.
“This style great very!” The blonde girl held the glass, her vision almost melting from delight.
A number of people stated that this was a prank. Some even declared that it was a sign that the Calamity-class being was about to appear.
This type of baddie will surely become yellow gold as soon as he details me. It may be deemed vengeance for Yana
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“Antelope, what do you think of these kinds of glowing statues?” Zhou Wen read the news relating to the wonderful sculptures on the antelope.
“Can We have equally?” The blonde young lady considered the beautiful pictures in the brochure and expected expectantly.
At the beginning, Zhou Wen considered that following Xia Jiuhuang died, the Xia family members decreased, which resulted in the capital’s refuse. It ended up so it was brought on by the glowing sculptures.
Sweetie investigated the employer who got transformed into a golden statue. She sighed and shook her mind, then went right out of the store.
The boss’s palm touched Sweetie’s arm, and his awesome voice came to an sudden halt. A golden light illuminated up at his hands. The great lighting instantly spread to his overall body and made him into golden.


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